Corporate Event Coverage

Event video production is a great way to market your event, or provide your online audience with content. We offer affordable single camera solutions and large scale multi-camera event coverage that captures your event’s key moments while offering you exceptional value for money. In addition to our video services, we offer live streaming allowing people around the world to tune in to your event.

Corporate Recruitment Video

Video is an essential part of recruitment strategies. It's an incredibly efficient way to make a strong first impression and attract top talents. Triptika Studios will come to your company and do interviews with your employees but in the same time keep it genuine and fun! We will use latest editing strategies, match music to the tone and share the basic information for your future team.

Business and Product Videos

Whether you are launching a new business, a new product or simply re-launching your site, business presentation videos are a great tool to to attract new audiences. There is a growing demand for online video content that enhances brand presence and increases search engine visibility. Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup company or a well-established brand, we produce rich video content for every size business. Brand videos, marketing videos and product video demos are just a few to name.

Video CV

Video CVs are great tools to help your application stand out and to enable an employer to get a feel for your personality. Based on your traditional paper format CV we will create exciting 1-2 min video highlighting your core competencies. Our video consist of short cool interview, animation and high profile video editing. Using latest technology and unique approach, we will create a bespoke film about you.